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Cardinal Tracking has over 40 years of parking industry experience

  • The first to offer an automated parking enforcement solution
  • Pioneered at-a-glance technology for parking
  • Our staff has a strong and extensive background in parking – some came to us from having worked in the parking industry
  • We have extensive integration partners, but regardless of the integrations/partners, you only need one number to call for support
  • Our technicians have an average tenure of 12 years and you will never have to talk to an automated support line

Robust Permit Management

TickeTrak’s robust permit management allows you to pre-validate permits for eligible people by creating people groups. You can create an unlimited number of people groups

Examples of people groups include students or faculty/staff and guest. Subgroups are used to provide a finer definition.  In the Student group, for example, class level or dorm can be specified

Some of the things you can configure with the people groups include:

  • Assign permit types by people groups
  • Specify the number of vehicles allowed by people group
  • Apply discounts to a people group
  • Assign different rate codes to different people groups
  • Assign payment types to people groups, such as payroll deduction for faculty/staff

Those are just a few of the possibilities. As you can see, the permit system with people groups is very customizable

Parking Permit Management
Paying to Park with Meters

Flexible Parking Enforcement

TickeTrak’s flexible parking enforcement lets you configure your parking enforcement to your specific business rules 

  • Use a vehicle-mounted or handheld LPR solution for easy and accurate enforcement
  • Our mobile enforcement application is easy, user-friendly, and intuitive
  • Many integrations are provided, so everything works together seamlessly
  • Intuitive reports are included with your system

Friendly Customer Portal

Your community needs a simple way to:

  • Acquire and pay for permits
  • Pay tickets
  • Appeal tickets

Customize your portal

  • Customize your portal with your colors and logos
  • Create your custom headers and footer with the easy-to-use editor, which also allows for HTML formatting
  • Single sign-on (SSO) is available to make it easier and more secure to access the portal
Custom headers

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Make informed decisions with interactive business intelligence dashboards that give you a Skyview picture of your organization.

  • Skyview lets administrators and managers present data instantly and visually to your organization’s decision-makers
  • With the Skyview dashboard, you can visually track and analyze your key performance indicators
  • Parking enforcement, permit management, and financial data are presented in real-time to complement the data provided in TickeTrak
  • The user-friendly dashboard in the Skyview business intelligence tool is accessible to you and your organization anywhere

Mobile LPR

  • Point the handheld at the license plate, and automatically capture the plate information anywhere in the application that requires plate data, such as tickets, timed parking, and parking rights
  • Reduce data entry errors by scanning and reading license plates and comparing them to scoff and permit lists
  • Integrate the handheld with vehicle-mounted LPR systems to quickly issue tickets identified for enforcement from an LPR system
Mobile LPR

Intuitive Reports

Need a way to report on your data? Reports can easily be created with the user-friendly report writer in TickeTrak

  • Create your own report or choose from a large number of pre-defined reports with more being added all the time
  • Reports may be exported to PDF, Excel, and CSV


  • Unlimited customizable letters and correspondence

Extensive Partner Integrations

Want to use a variety of solutions and need them to work together? You can choose what works best for you, and Cardinal Tracking will integrate your choices for a seamless solution

Parking Integrations Include:

  • Parking Rights
  • Collections
  • Permit Fulfillment
  • Access Control
  • Student Records Systems
  • Payment Processor
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Pay-by-phone
  • Permit fulfillment
  • Central Cashiering Vendors
  • Other Enforcement Solutions
    • Such as red light cameras, consolidated collections efforts, and payment processes in one system

Hosted in the Cloud

Spending all your budget and resources on expensive hardware? Cloud Hosting with Cardinal Tracking can save you time and money.

  • Keeps your data safe and secure.
  •  A dedicated single-tenant virtual machine architecture that ensures only your agency is accessing your data.
  • Real-time mirrored servers and alternate physical data center locations.
  • 99.99% uptime and multiple backups that are encrypted and stored off-site.
  • Cardinal Tracking deploys software application updates.
  • Cardinal Tracking certifies and applies operating system patches and updates.
  • Scalable and green energy compliant.
  • Accessible any time from any customer IT-approved workstation using a standard web browser.
  • Your data – you own it. No two customers share the same server and you will never have to pay fees to get your data.
  • No hidden fees. Additional resource requirements (data storage, memory) are priced upfront.

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