UPS Trackpad

UPS Trackpad® 6.0


Trackpad delivery

It’s web-based, which means:

  • No workstation installation
  • Accessible any time, anywhere from any device with a web browser
  • Responsive design supports desktop, tablets, and phone platforms
Expanded Inbound and Delivery custom fields
  • Expanded from 10 fields to 30 fields with up to 100 characters per field for even more customization to you meet your needs
  • You specify the maximum number of characters per field to control and validate your data

Custom field configuration

  • Allows you to specify the maximum number of characters allowed per field

Regulate access by location

  • Restrict user access to only the location data you specify
Multi-CVIS Configurations
  • CVIS (Customer Visibility Interface Solution) allows you to link packages to a trailer providing an agent scan for advanced visibility. Multiple configurations/multiple locations
Site Messages
  • Administrators can create a custom message that appears on the home screen for users when they log in

Secure Cloud Hosting Available

  • Eliminate the need to maintain and secure your own servers
  • Multi-location cloud backups to protect your data
  • 99.99% uptime guarantees
  • Scalable performance to provide power and resources when you need them
  • Reduce power consumption and increase green energy compliance
  • SSO options are available
  • Individual user credentials and security roles

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