Badge Records Management Solution

Our Badge (RMS) application provides your officers and staff the entire lifespan of police records from the first generation to completion.

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Cardinal Tracking’s Badge software provides officers and staff the entire lifespan of police records from the first generation to completion. With intuitive data entry and comprehensive crime analysis and reports, Badge will streamline your law enforcement operations. It offers user-customized fields, and automatic data merge to department-specific documents, as well as module-specific and ad-hoc reports. Badge is NIBRS/UCR compliant and has been for more than 20 years.

Our Badge software is an excellent option for organizations on a budget. You don’t have to pay for distended software when your organization only needs a fraction of the services. Cardinal allows you to choose how streamlined or customize your software needs.  Modularized pricing allows your organization to purchase what it needs today and add features as needed. All of our customers have access to our dedicated support team and certified partners to get the best solution for your organization's needs and help maximize your budget.

Our System Modules Consist of

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Master Name

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Master Vehicle

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Animal License

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Close Patrol

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Field Interview

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Field Reporting

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Vehicle Maintenance

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Weapon Permits

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Case Management

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Photo Lineup

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Briefing Log

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Pawn Shop

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