MobileCite E-Citation Solution

Empower your officers to be safer and more accurate



  • Reduces stop time to keep your officers safe
  • Increases accuracy of issued citations and warnings

MobileCite provides your officers with an easy-to-use eCitation system

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Retrieve driver's license information with your device camera. No need for a barcode scanner.

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Write multiple violations to a citation and use the robust export to send them to your RMS.

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Control your configuration - change violations, fines, and codes, and scofflaw information through a simple interface.

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Use the device of your choice iPhone. Android or Windows laptop.

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Assign user roles and security settings with the robust, configurable admin panel.

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Report with the customizable ad hoc report writer.

We provide customized ticket design services. Our in-house staff of printing experts can assist you with design, layout, and artwork. 

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