MobileLink Communication Software

Our MobileLink software allows your officers to receive, respond, and complete service calls directly from their laptops or tablets.


Cardinal Tracking's MobileLink software allows officers to receive, respond, and complete service calls directly from their laptops.  Also, with in-car messaging, LETS integration, bar code scanning and mag card reader capabilities, and direct one-click access to Cardinal’s Badge RMS, our MobileLink solution is the ultimate compliment to your RMS needs.

MobileLink Features/Benefits

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Access current person and vehicle NCIC and NLETS data.

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Stay in constant contact with car-to-car and dispatch messaging.

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Protect your officers with agency-defined audible alerts.

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Increase efficiency with user-controlled zoom and touchscreen support

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Support multi-agency interoperability

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Improve officer safety with CAD silent dispatch integration

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Update officer status changes (en-route, on-scene, clear) from the field.

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Receive local name and vehicle histories from Cardinal’s Badge RMS

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Run multiple vehicles or persons without waiting for the first search to complete.

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View all officers and CAD calls from the car in real-time.

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