TickeTrak Parking Mobile Solution

Save your organization time and money. TickeTrak Mobile empowers you and your organization with a versatile parking management system.


A powerful, easy-to-use parking management system helps manage all aspects of your parking operations to provide immediate access to critical information with an all-in-one solution.

  • Enables parking ticket availability for payment within seconds of issuance.
  • Synchronizes scofflaw, permit, and citation data to the handheld in real-time
  • Integrates with our mobile license plate recognition system.
Tailor TickeTrak to your procedures with a rules-based solution that gives your administrator complete control of configuration and setup.

TickeTrak Mobile - Versatile and Powerful

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Handheld License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Reduce data entry errors by scanning and reading license plates to compare to scoff and permit lists with the Ticktrak mobile handheld LPR.

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Vehicle Mounted LPR

Use the integrated vehicle-mounted LPR for faster issuing of tickets that are identified for enforcement.

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Image Rules

Configure the application to require capturing a certain number of images based on the violation type.

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Timed Parking Enforcement

Supports multiple methods of enforcing time limits in different locations.

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User Sequenced Drop-Down

Configure List within the application to see the most frequently utilized information at the top rather than in alpha-order to speed up the issuing of a ticket.

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Boot/Tow Module

Track booted and towed vehicles, as well as their release, all in one module and also allow the officer to choose the towing company used.

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Unlimited Image Capture

Capture as much photographic evidence as you need to combat frivolous appeals.

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Parking Rights Integrations

Integrate with parking rights vendors to identify the parking authorization of a parked vehicle.

Rugged Handheld options:

    • Windows and Android Operating Systems
    • All-in-one units
    • Handheld and printer combinations


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