TickeTrak Ticket Management

Feeling overwhelmed trying to manage your tickets?
Track the entire lifecycle of tickets, easily, all in one place

Ticket Management

Issued tickets are automatically available in the ticket management system from your mobile enforcement device in real-time. With the enhanced treeview you can see the ticket, permit, vehicle, and people information at a glance. View:

  • Tickets that are paid
  • Tickets that are unpaid
  • Tickets that are under appeal
  • Appealed ticket status
  • Scofflaw status
  • Notes on the ticket
  • Attachments, such as images from the ticket
  • Hold status
  • Export status 
  • Collection status
  • Account fees/payments and totals
You can also view a map that identifies where a ticket was issued via GPS coordinates.

Ticket Management

Quickly and easily perform tasks from the same screen, including:

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Adding Fees

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Appealing Tickets

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Blocking appealed
tickets from collections

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Voiding Tickets

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Changing tickets
to warnings

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Auditing a
ticket's history

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Sending templated
statements, notices,
and letters

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Accepting ticket payments

  • Schedule automated recurring services including adding late fees or sending notifications.
  • View included ticket reports and create your own with the user-friendly report writer.

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