Cloud hosting with cardinal tracking

Spending all your budget and resources on expensive hardware?
Cloud Hosting with Cardinal Tracking can save you time and money.

Cardinal Tracking Cloud Hosting

Keep your data safe and secure

  • Dedicated single-tenant virtual machine architecture ensures that only your agency is accessing your data.
  • Real-time mirrored servers and alternate physical data center locations guarantee uptime over multiple points of infrastructure failure.
  • Hardened systems, dedicated intrusion detection, and DDoS prevention provide a secure environment for your applications, services, and data.
  • 24/7 monitoring of network, servers, and application services

Lower cost for server maintenance

Cardinal Tracking provides:

  • Offsite data backups
  • Server image backups
  • Antivirus/malware prevention Software
  • Certification and application of operating system patches and updates
  • Deployment  of software application updates
  • Redundant power sources
  • Redundant network communication points

Scalable and green energy compliant

  • Increase server and network capacity during peak times and scale back during regular operation to reduce carbon footprint

99% Uptime and Multiple Backups

  • Hot standby server for automatic rollover in the event of production server failure
  • Data backups every 2 hours ensure you can recover your data - combined with local backups of citation data on the handheld, operational recovery is fast and simple
  • Encrypted backups are stored off-site


  • Access your solution any time from any customer IT-approved workstation using an industry-standard web browser


  • Your data, your server - no two customers share the same server
  • Your data, you own it - you will never have to pay fees to get your data

Expense Control

  • Server costs are locked in for the contract term.  Additional resource requirements (data storage, memory) are priced upfront with no hidden fees

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