Parking Integrations

Our wide array of partner solutions provides your agency with multiple options to increase efficiency all within one interface.


Our integration services empower you to work more efficiently with multiple vendor solutions through one interface. No manual exports or batch process required. We offer flexible integration with many payment services: pay-by-phone, LPR, permit fulfillment, and central cashiering vendors.

Available Parking Integrations

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Parking Rights Integrations ​

Integration allows officers to use a single application to both enforce parking and validate parking rights with the top mobile phone payment providers.

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Collections ​

TickeTrak created secure data exchanges with collection agencies to transmit delinquent accounts and receive payment updates.

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Permit Fulfillment ​

Once the permits are requested, we make it easy for you to share the permit, vehicle, and person data with a permit fulfillment vendor so they can complete the transaction with your customers.

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Access Control ​

Permit data can easily be shared with access control vendors to allow them to do what they do best without requiring your customers to use two different systems when requesting permits.

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Student Records Systems​

Regardless of if you send every ticket to the student records system for collection or if you allow collection in both the student records system and TickeTrak, we support the sharing of data between the two systems and go a step further to ensure the data is kept in sync.

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Other Enforcement Solutions ​

We can even integrate with other enforcement solutions such as red light cameras to consolidate collections efforts and payment processes into one system.

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License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Data such as Scofflaw and Permits can be shared with an LPR system, allowing them to search for vehicles that need to be booted or towed, while at the same time validating vehicles. Vehicles requiring enforcement are enforced faster because the LPR system provides our application with the vehicle information allowing the officer to skip re-entering that info.

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Payment Processor ​

Our software is integrated with various payment processors to allow you to easily take credit card payments online through our portal while maintaining data security.

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