TickeTrak Mobile License Plate Recognition Solution

Increase your officers’ productivity and accuracy with mobile LPR technology

Mobile LPR

  • Point the handheld at the license plate, and automatically capture the plate information anywhere in the application that requires plate data, such as tickets, timed parking, and parking rights.
  • Reduce data entry errors by scanning and reading license plates and comparing them to scoff and permit lists.
  • Integrate the handheld with vehicle-mounted LPR systems to quickly issue tickets identified for enforcement from an LPR system

Reduce Errors and Increase Efficiency

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Scan a license plate into any field where License Plate data entry is required.

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Reduce data entry errors by automatically processing the license plate information.

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Increase data accuracy by automatically populating a vehicle’s description from permit data.

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Get automatic alerts when there is a scofflaw hit by the LPR process.

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Identify vehicles by license plate with restricted or approved access.

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Innovate tire chalking by capturing valve stem location in compliance with federal guidelines.

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Provide evidence needed to verify a violation with the GPS data and images captured during ticket issuance.

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