Court Records Management Solution

Our Court software is our court records management system designed to streamline your data to increase accuracy.

Court Records Management

Our Court solution can be used as a standalone system or integrated with our eCitation, Badge RMS, and MobileCite system to provide automatic data transfer from the officer’s car to the court clerk’s desk. With these three products integrated, you’re able to automatically track and manage violation fines, fee calculations, bonds, and warrants.

Cardinal's Court software has an online payment portal solution to help eliminate long lines and frustrated customers. It’s easier now than ever to collect and apply payments for citations online 24/7.  We partner with several companies to provide a variety of payment options, so your organization can find the solution that works best for you. Our dedicated support team is here to help and provide assistance as needed.   With an average tenure of nine years at Cardinal and in-house industry experts of former police chiefs, dispatchers and administrators, our seasoned staff can walk you through support questions, best practices, purchasing decisions, and more.

Court Features/Benefits

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Fast online searches by any field including name, ticket number or docket number

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Complete Citation, Docket & Warrant Information

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Automated Fine and Fee Calculation from user-defined tables

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Violation Codes

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Partial Payments and Adjustments

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Court and Appearance Date Scheduling

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User Defined Templates for Warrants, Complainants, Letters, and Reports

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Automated Batch Warrant Generation

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Bond Tracking

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Report Writer for creation of detailed custom reports

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Multiple data screens from different modules may be displayed simultaneously

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Advanced Security Features with complete audit tracking

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Notepad feature allows narratives to be attached to any record

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Cash Receipt and Payment History Tracking

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