You are currently viewing A New Vision in Advanced Technology – Cardinal Tracking Inc. announces the newest evolution in Advanced Parking Management Software.

A New Vision in Advanced Technology – Cardinal Tracking Inc. announces the newest evolution in Advanced Parking Management Software.

Cardinal Tracking officially unveils its Web-Based TickeTrak 10 Parking Enforcement Solution. 

By Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS – Thursday, July 9, 2020– Cardinal Tracking, Inc. is proud to officially kick off this decade with the announcement and launch of its newest evolution in Parking Management software, TickeTrak 10. TickeTrak 10 is a robust and configurable Parking Enforcement system that combines real-time mobile citation issuance with a web-based management system for collections, point of sale, and permit issuance. Strategically built from the ground up as an intuitive, automated parking solution with the flexibility to meet the needs of their customers’ unique environment, TickeTrak 10 was created to help their organization succeed.

Balancing simplicity of use with high customization needs isn’t easy. We’ve managed to balance both to allow you to configure a parking system that meets your needs without sacrificing your team’s ability to do their job efficiently, said Jeremy Moon, Business Manager of Parking Products for Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

Parking Management Reimagined with Responsive Design. With an intuitive design as the goal, Cardinal Tracking, Inc. invented a modern web-based solution that can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. Their seamless solution has an enhanced TreeView, which allows their customer employees to see the complete picture and interact with core features more efficiently. Fewer clicks mean streamlined workflow and productivity. Access the payment status and appeal status at-a-glance without having to open multiple windows. TickeTrak 10 now contains new comprehensive reporting features, both internal and AdHoc. The reports are categorized by tasks to reduce the effort to find the correct report.

Real-time Enforcement, Data Statistics, and Tools to Minimize Manual Entries. Cardinal’s parking platform offers options for integrations and interfaces with License Plate Recognition, PARCS, GPS data points, and Meters/Pay stations that provide statistical data for the purpose of reporting, budget, and revenue projections plus quicker return on uncollected citations.

Seamless Integrations with Third-Party Vendors. TT10 provides “gateways” designed to integrate with existing and new technologies, and provides the ability to grow their system as future needs and requirements change. TickeTrak 10 promotes the ability to work efficiently with parking and payment-related vendors – allowing them the ability to select current and future technologies needed to meet your agency’s requirements in an ever-changing technology environment.

“We recognize many vendors in the parking industry are doing an excellent job in their area of expertise, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We’ve decided to spend our time and energy focusing on our core technologies and integrating with others to provide our clients with the best and most advanced technology parking solutions,” said Moon.

Cardinal Tracking will take their customers’ Parking Management Software to the next level and beyond.  TickeTrak 10 software is currently available for purchase. To learn more about their new software, contact, call 800-285-3833, or visit their website at

About Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

Cardinal Tracking is a technology company that provides software solutions for the Parking Management and Public Safety industry.  We set out in 1982 to leverage our technology expertise, automate current solutions, and offer our customers best-in-class services to secure and grow our enterprise business relationships. We are committed to supporting our customers to ensure they can succeed when they are out serving their communities.