You are currently viewing A NEW hardware solution to help with the challenges we all face today!

A NEW hardware solution to help with the challenges we all face today!

We have recently reviewed a solution from one of our partners for rugged handheld solutions, Janam, that solves a problem we face in the workplace – ensuring our employees and customers’ safety. 

Janam’s new Android-powered GT2 is an easy-to-deploy temperature sensing kiosk that enables organizations to protect the health and safety of your employees. This solution assists customers by identifying anyone with an elevated temperature and/or without a face mask before that person gains access to your facility.  This device uses advanced infrared thermal imaging and mask detection technology to deliver a contactless access control solution that complies with guidelines proposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This is a simple solution to the challenges we all face today. The GT2 product features and benefits are: 

  • Out of the box functionality.  The device can be taken out of the box, connected to wifi or cellular, quickly configured to provide a visual and audible alarm if the temperature exceeds the standard threshold.
  • The device is contactless and automated.  No personnel using manual infra-red scanners are necessary.   You approach the device – it guides you to come closer or step back and reads your temperature in under 3 seconds.
  • Always on AC Power – You don’t have to worry about charging or changing batteries.  The device goes into standby mode with no activity and auto-wakes when motion is detected.
  • Optional mask detection.  If enabled, the device will first require a mask, and then when a mask is present, confirm that the temperature is within the proper range.
  • Optional face recognition.  If enabled, capture employee or authorized personnel pictures or upload pictures to the device.  Then, as part of mask or temperature detection, the device can recognize a person (even wearing their mask) and provide a visual or audible authorization alert.  There are additional connections to allow control of door locks and other devices based on authorization.
  • Data Export.  Data (with temperature capture) may be downloaded as image data or into an excel spreadsheet/.csv format for use in other applications.

Learn more about how the GT2 can be used in your environment.


  • Counter access for permit registration/citation payment to ensure that those approaching are wearing masks and are not symptomatic
  • Any campus building access
  • Bus/public transportation access

 Public Safety:

  • Counter access at all entrance areas to ensure that those approaching are wearing masks and are not symptomatic
  • Jury/Courtroom entrances
  • Police arrest/witness check-in
  • Authorized building access (face recognition)

General uses:

  • Sporting events and live entertainment venues, airports, hospitals, retail establishments, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, schools, manufactures and virtually any organization that wants to check the temperature and mask usage of individuals entering their facilities.

For questions about this product, contact us today at or 800-285-3833.