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Pay As You Go or Zone Solutions: Cardinal has you Covered

With 60% of our colleges and universities planning to welcome students in-person this fall per the Chronicle of Higher Education, many are wondering how are they going to approach campus parking in light of campus efforts to handle the COVID-19 precautions.

Organizations are considering permit price reductions, extensions of opt-out periods, and other parking strategies to address the campus environment being modified to support social distancing, implement safety protocols through cleaning surfaces, and other types of parking measures.

Campuses are currently planning for a hybrid attendance model that integrates both remote and in-person attendance.  Students would receive the benefit of classroom learning a few days a week with direct access to instructors and classmates while also minimizing classroom occupancy.  To facilitate parking for this scenario, a zoned permit approach is required, where a student’s permit would only be valid for certain days of the week.

When creating a permit type in TickeTrak 10, you can specify the valid dates and times for the permit.  This information is transferred to TickeTrak Mobile, informing officers in the field of the valid dates and times the vehicle may be legally parked on campus.

Day Week Temp Permit

With colleges and universities extending class schedules to distribute attendance and maintain social distancing, extended class hours and even weekend schedules are being considered. With this comes the need to rethink the sale of parking permits. Currently, parking services are providing pay as you go pre-paid parking. This allows students to pay for the parking they use while attending classes on campus, whether full or part-time. Even full-time remote students may need campus parking access for materials or additional instruction that can only be performed in-person.

Temporary permit issuance in TickeTrak 10 allows for short-term and on-demand terms and rates to meet the flexibility of hybrid attendance.

Colleges and universities are focused on providing services and following necessary precautions. Cardinal Tracking has the solutions and resources to help our clients work within these specifications. If you need help configuring your operations to meet the needs of the current situation, we’re ready to help.