SQLTrak Backup Server Solution

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Public Safety SQL Track Data Protection

A server crash can be devastating to your agency.  A power failure, virus attack, natural disaster or human error can cause SQL server disruptions that mean sensitive information is lost for good.  Don’t let this happen to your critical data.  SQLTrak makes it simple to automatically backup your files and databases on a regularly scheduled basis.  SQLTrak is a reliable and effective backup and recovery solution that focuses on reducing costs and increasing data availability.  With SQLTrak, you can create a routine full backup of your SQL database on a schedule of your choice with multiple options governing how to conduct the backup.  
The SQLTrak Watchdog function continuously monitors your SQL server, and if the service is interrupted, Watchdog takes over and initiates service.  SQLTrak can also perform a full database recovery, an object level recovery, or a point-in-time recovery to achieve a complete rollback. Backup and recovery scripts enable you to automate tasks that do not require human supervision.  SQLTrak’s ease-of-use enables you to configure a backup within minutes.

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