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Cardinal Tracking is Celebrating 40 Years!

Celebrating the PAST while innovating the FUTURE of
Parking, Public Safety, and Mobility Solutions

Leaders in Mobile Technology

In 1982, when barcode labeling was young, Cardinal tracking started providing barcode technology to companies such as American Airlines and FedEx. 

In 1985 Cardinal worked with information from a grad student at SMU who was working on automation for college campuses to create the first automated parking enforcement using a computer and printer.

As we worked in the parking industry, many of our parking clients expressed interest in using our mobile technology expertise in their law enforcement.

In 1995 Cardinal Tracking launched public safety suite of software to meet the ever growing needs of police agencies and first responders. Using our experience in developing mobile enforcement products, Cardinal integrated the mobility capabilities needed for law enforcement.

According to Cardinal Tracking CEO Steve Leuschner, “mobility is in our DNA.” Leuschner adds, “We have always been a mobility company across all the industries we serve; we are a technology and mobility partner with all our customers.”

Cardinal’s diverse mobile solutions have given us a broad range of expertise as we can bring knowledge from each solution to meet the requirements of others. We also have personnel that have come to Cardinal from the parking industry and law enforcement that bring a wealth of experience with them.

Cardinal has also provided mobile solutions and mobile technology consulting to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, such as the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, Atmos Energy, and United Parcel Service. Cardinal continues to provide these services to companies today.

Leuschner states that “technology consulting sets us apart. We don’t have industry blinders that would happen if we focused only on one thing. We bring a breadth of knowledge into very focused business models.”

Our mobile technology expertise has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving technology solutions. An example is transiting away from devices such as Windows Mobile and Casio to find solutions incorporating consumer devices in rugged cases suitable for fieldwork.

Innovation through Automation

The vision for our software applications has always been to be flexible, configurable, and robust, allowing our customers to manage their environment the way they want instead of making them fit us.

The depth of our staff’s diverse industry knowledge allows us to approach our customers in a consultative manner to guide them with industry best practices.

Cardinal always looks for the latest technology for integrations, partnerships, and our own applications to provide the best solutions for our customers.

All Cardinal software solutions simplify the process for our customers by presenting only the information they need, so they are more accurate and efficient.

There are many solutions in the marketplace. At Cardinal, the people you work with, the technology, the partnerships, and the flexibility make us different.

Leuschner says, “If we are successful, we are invisible. You don’t have to worry about things working; they just do. We want to be the invisible part of the day that just makes things work. We want our tools to make all the decisions that our customers don’t need to make over and over again so they can focus on the decisions that are important.”

It’s All About the Customer

Throughout our 40 years, Cardinal Tracking has provided expertise, knowledgeable consulting, and innovation, but in the end, it has always been about providing the best solution for our customers. We look forward to another 40 years!

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